Considering the fact that people spend the greater part of their lives indoors, indoor environmental problems can be regarded as extremely important issues with respect to both the preservation of human health and the maintenance of comfortable environments. An indoor environment comprises a large variety of constituent elements; however, till date, research in Japan has been conducted by separate associations on individual elements. On the other hand, at the international level, the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) was founded as a single large-scale association with the purpose of developing measures to resolve issues related to indoor environments on a long-term and comprehensive basis. Thus, it has become increasingly important for Japan to likewise consider integrating heretofore separately conducted researches in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner.

Toward this end, the Indoor Environment Research Association was established in September 1994 in order to provide a platform for researchers and people from various disciplines to gather and exchange ideas related to indoor environments; these ideas could then be put into practice for the creation of more comfortable environments. In January 1998, the Indoor Environment Research Association was renamed the Society of Indoor Environment, Japan, and we have since been aiming to further develop as we seek solutions to indoor environment issues by approaching them from diverse perspectives. We hope to see a considerably growing membership of people who are concerned with indoor environments.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out either the Membership Application Form or the Membership Application Sheet, both of which are available below. Once you have completed the application form/sheet, you can either fax or e-mail it to the Administration Office of the Society of Indoor Environment, Japan (fax: 03-5625-4299; e-mail:

Membership Application Form
Membership Application Sheet
Membership Application Sheet (for use as an e-mail attachment)

Annual membership dues:

(1) Regular Members: \5,000 per year

(2) Student Members: \1,000 per year

(3) Corporate members: \30,000 per membership per year

Payment can be made to any of the following accounts.

1.Postal money transfer account (account code/account number): 00120-1-614048 Account holder: Society of Indoor Environment, Japan

2.Bank money transfer account: Japan Post Bank Co.,, Ltd., 019 Branch
Savings account no.: 366275
Account holder: Society of Indoor Environment, Japan

*If possible, please make payments to the postal account. If, however, you make payments to the bank account, please notify the Administration Office by fax (03-5625-4299).

Overview of the Society

1.Goals and Activities

The goals and activities of the Society are concerned with all issues related to indoor environments. The Society aims to further the development of research, promote interaction among members, and create healthy and comfortable indoor environments. We actively promote the following research themes:

・Ascertaining and monitoring the dynamics of the factors related to indoor environments

・Revealing and evaluating the health effects of the factors related to indoor environments

・Evaluating and creating comfortable indoor environments

・Preventing and establishing measures against indoor pollutants

・Indoor environments and energy consumption


2.Society Projects

・Research conferences and workshops

・Society journal, newsletter, and other publications

・Interaction and cooperation with other related foreign and domestic academic societies

・Sharing of information and research between members

・Other projects and undertakings necessary for achieving the goals of the Society


Annual membership dues:

1.Regular Members: \5,000 per year
2.Student Members: \1,000 per year
3.Corporate members: \30,000 per membership per year

Privileges of the members include receiving the newsletter and other publications free of charge and being eligible to participate in research conferences, lectures, and other events sponsored by the Society at no extra charge or at discounted rates.