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December 2014 vol.24 Issue 6 Pages 557–667
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Stefano Schiavon Adventitious ventilation: a new definition for an old mode? 偶発換気(Adventitious ventilation):旧方式の新定義
Original Articles
M. W. Qi, X. F. Li, L. B. Weschler and J. Sundell CO2 generation rate in Chinese people 中国人のCO2発生速度
C. Chen, C.-H. Lin, Z. Jiang and Q. Chen Measuring the human body's microclimate using a thermal manikin サーマルマネキンを用いた人体の微小気候の測定
C. Chen, C.-H. Lin, Z. Jiang and Q. Chen Simplified models for exhaled airflow from a cough with the mouth covered 口を覆った状態での咳による呼気流の単純化モデル
Y. Tian, K. Sul, J. Qian, S. Mondal and A. R. Ferro A comparative study of walking-induced dust resuspension using a consistent test mechanism 再現試験装置を用いた歩行によるダストの再浮遊の比較研究
S. Bhangar, J. A. Huffman and W. W. Nazaroff Size-resolved fluorescent biological aerosol particle concentrations and occupant emissions in a university classroom 大学の教室における粒径別蛍光生物由来エアロゾル粒子濃度と在室者放散
J. Fonseca, K. Slezakova, S. Morais and M. C. Pereira Assessment of ultrafine particles in Portuguese preschools: levels and exposure doses ポルトガルの幼稚園における超微粒子の評価:濃度と曝露量
J. S. Park, N.-Y. Jee and J.-W. Jeong Effects of types of ventilation system on indoor particle concentrations in residential buildings 住宅の室内粒子濃度への換気システムタイプの影響
J. Taylor, C. Shrubsole, M. Davies, P. Biddulph, P. Das, I. Hamilton, S. Vardoulakis, A. Mavrogianni, B. Jones and E. Oikonomou The modifying effect of the building envelope on population exposure to PM2.5 from outdoor sources 屋外の発生源からのPM2.5への住民曝露に及ぼす建物領域の改善効果
S. Rocchi, G. Reboux, F. Larosa, E. Scherer, E. Daguindeau, A. Berceanu, E. Deconinck, L. Millon and A.-P. Bellanger Evaluation of invasive aspergillosis risk of immunocompromised patients alternatively hospitalized in hematology intensive care unit and at home 免疫不全の入院患者の血液内科集中治療室と自宅における侵襲性アスペルギルス症のリスク評価
Letters to the Editor
J. Øvrevik Formation of reactive oxygen species in granulocytes is not inflammation 顆粒球における活性酸素種の生成は炎症ではない
M. Frankel, A. M. Madsen and E. W. Hansen Response to correspondence by Johan Øvrevik Johan Øvrevikの文書への回答
October 2014 vol.24 Issue 5 Pages 447-555
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William W Nazaroff, Geo Clausen, Pawel Wargocki and Kwok Wai Tham ISIAQ Academy Awards 2014 ISIAQアカデミー賞2014
Original Articles
Y. Hu, W. Liu, C. Huang, Z. J. Zou, Z. H. Zhao, L. Shen and J. Sundell Home dampness, childhood asthma, hay fever, and airway symptoms in Shanghai, China: associations, dose-response relationships, and lifestyle's influences 中国上海の家の湿気、子供の喘息、花粉症及び気道症状:関連性、量反応関係、ライフスタイルの影響
X. Duan, B. Wang, X. Zhao, G. Shen, Z. Xia, N. Huang, Q. Jiang, B. Lu, D. Xu, J. Fang and S. Tao Personal inhalation exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban and rural residents in a typical northern city in China 中国の典型的な北部都市の都市部および地方部の住民の多環芳香族炭化水素への個人吸入曝露
A. Kumar, B. P. Singh, M. Punia, D. Singh, K. Kumar and V. K. Jain Determination of volatile organic compounds and associated health risk assessment in residential homes and hostels within an academic institute, New Delhi ニューデリーの学術機関内の住宅とホテルにおける揮発性有機化合物の測定と関連する健康リスクアセスメント
E. L. Nirlo, N. Crain, R. L. Corsi and J. A. Siegel Volatile organic compounds in fourteen U.S. retail stores アメリカの14の小売店における揮発性有機化合物
D. E. Shallcross, C. A. Taatjes and C. J. Percival Criegee intermediates in the indoor environment: new insights 室内環境におけるクリーギー中間体:新たな知見
S. Pujol, M. Berthillier, J. Defrance, J. Lardies, J.-P. Levain, R. Petit, H. Houot and F. Mauny Ultrafine particles generated from coloring with scented markers in the presence of ozone オゾン存在下での香り付きマーカーによる着色からの超微粒子の生成
L. M. Paulin, G. B. Diette, M. Scott, M. C. McCormack, E. C. Matsui, J. Curtin-Brosnan, D. L. Williams, A. Kidd-Taylor, M. Shea, P. N. Breysse and N. N. Hansel Indoor noise exposure at home: a field study in the family of urban schoolchildren 自宅における室内騒音曝露:都市部学童の家族のフィールドスタディー
Y. Cheng, M. L. Fong, T. Yao, Z. Lin and K. F. Fong Uniformity of stratum-ventilated thermal environment and thermal sensation 階層換気された熱環境と温度感覚の統一性
T. C. Desroches, D. R. McMullin and J. D. Miller Extrolites of Wallemia sebi, a very common fungus in the built environment 建築環境におけるごく一般的なカビ、Wallemia sebiの代謝産物
M. Nunez and H. Hammer Microbial specialists in below-grade foundation walls in Scandinavia スカンジナビアの不合格構造壁における微生物の専門家
Letters to the Editor
D. P. Wyon and P. Wargocki The Adaptive Thermal Comfort model may not always predict thermal effects on performance 適応熱的快適性モデルはパフォーマンスへの熱的効果を必ずしも予測できない
R. de Dear, E. A. Arens, C. Candido, G. Brager, H. Zhang, J. Toftum, Y. Zhu, S. Kurvers, J. Leyten, C. Sekhar and D. K. W. Cheong Indoor temperatures for optimum thermal comfort and human performance – Reply to the letter by Wyon and Wargocki 最適な熱的快適性と人のパフォーマンスのための室内温度- WyonとWargockiのレターへの回答
August 2014 vol.24 Issue 4 Pages 337–445
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William W Nazaroff Getting the magnitude right 正しい大きさを知る
Original Articles
R. Liu, Y. Jiang, Q. Li and S. K. Hammond Assessing exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants and bars 2 years after the smoking regulations in Beijing, China 中国北京における喫煙規制2年後のレストランやバーにおける副流煙の曝露評価
M. Zaatari and J. Siegel Particle characterization in retail environments: concentrations, sources, and removal mechanisms 店舗環境における粒子の特徴:濃度、発生源及び除去装置
M. MacNeill, J. Kearney, L. Wallace, M. Gibson, M. E. Héroux, J. Kuchta, J. R. Guernsey and A. J. Wheeler Quantifying the contribution of ambient and indoor-generated fine particles to indoor air in residential environments 外気と室内生成微粒子の住環境中の室内空気への寄与の定量
M. S. Waring Secondary organic aerosol in residences: predicting its fraction of fine particle mass and determinants of formation strength 住宅の2次有機エアロゾル:微粒子質量の割合と生成濃度の決定因子の予測
J. M. Starr, A. A. Gemma, S. E. Graham and D. M. Stout II A test house study of pesticides and pesticide degradation products following an indoor application 室内使用後の殺虫剤と殺虫剤分解物の試験住宅研究
J.-Y. Chin, C. Godwin, E. Parker, T. Robins, T. Lewis, P. Harbin and S. Batterman Levels and sources of volatile organic compounds in homes of children with asthma 喘息の子供の家の揮発性有機化合物の濃度と発生源
L. M. Paulin, G. B. Diette, M. Scott, M. C. McCormack, E. C. Matsui, J. Curtin-Brosnan, D. L. Williams, A. Kidd-Taylor, M. Shea, P. N. Breysse and N. N. Hansel Home interventions are effective at decreasing indoor nitrogen dioxide concentrations 住まいへの介入は室内二酸化窒素濃度の低減に効果的である
N. Shinohara, M. Tokumura, M. Kazama, Y. Yonemoto, M. Yoshioka, N. Kagi, K. Hasegawa, H. Yoshino and U. Yanagi Indoor air quality and thermal comfort in temporary houses occupied after the Great East Japan Earthquake 東日本大震災後に居住した仮設住宅における室内空気質と熱的快適性
J. K. Sercombe, D. Liu-Brennan, K. O. McKay, B. J. Green and E. R. Tovey Domestic exposure to fungal allergenic particles determined by halogen immunoassay using subject's serum versus particles carrying three non-fungal allergens determined by allergen-specific HIA アレルゲン特異的なHIAによって測定した非真菌アレルゲンを保有する粒子と比較した対象者の血清を用いたハロゲン免疫測定法によって測定した真菌アレルギー粒子への家庭内曝露
June 2014 vol.24 Issue 3 Pages 225–335
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William W. Nazaroff Illumination, lighting technologies, and indoor environmental quality 照明、照明技術及び室内環境品質
Original Articles
H. Shu, B. A. Jönsson, M. Larsson, E. Nånberg and C.-G. Bornehag PVC flooring at home and development of asthma among young children in Sweden, a 10-year follow-up 自宅の塩化ビニル床シートと幼児の喘息の発症 10年の追跡
K. C. Dannemiller, M. J. Mendell, J. M. Macher, K. Kumagai, A. Bradman, N. Holland, K. Harley, B. Eskenazi and J. Peccia Next-generation DNA sequencing reveals that low fungal diversity in house dust is associated with childhood asthma development 次世代DNA塩基配列決定法によりハウスダストの低菌類多様性が小児喘息の発症と関連することが明らかになる
H. K. Leppänen, A. Nevalainen, A. Vepsäläinen, M. Roponen, M. Täubel, O. Laine, P. Rantakokko, E. von Mutius, J. Pekkanen and A. Hyvärinen Determinants, reproducibility, and seasonal variation of ergosterol levels in house dust ハウスダスト中のエルゴステロールレベルの決定因子、再現性及び季節変動
H.-M. Shin, T. E. McKone, M. G. Nishioka, M. D. Fallin, L. A. Croen, I. Hertz-Picciotto, C. J. Newschaffer and D. H. Bennett Determining source strength of semivolatile organic compounds using measured concentrations in indoor dust 室内ダストの測定濃度を用いた半揮発性有機化合物の発生強度の決定
C. De Biase, S. Loechel, T. Putzmann, M. Bittens, H. Weiss and B. Daus Volatile organic compounds effective diffusion coefficients and fluxes estimation through two types of construction material 2種類の構造材料を用いた揮発性有機化合物の有効拡散係数とフラックスの推定
Z. Liu, C. Howard-Reed, S. S. Cox, W. Ye and J. C. Little Diffusion-controlled reference material for VOC emissions testing: effect of temperature and humidity VOC放散試験のための拡散律速基準材料:温度と湿度の影響
M. Gong, Y. Zhang and C. J. Weschler Predicting dermal absorption of gas-phase chemicals: transient model development, evaluation, and application 気相化学物質の経皮吸収の予測:過渡モデルの開発、評価、適用
P. J. Lee and J. Y. Jeon A laboratory study for assessing speech privacy in a simulated open-plan office 模擬オープンプランオフィスで会話のプライバシーを評価するための実験室研究
F. Bochicchio, Z. S. Žunić, C. Carpentieri, S. Antignani, G. Venoso, V. Carelli, C. Cordedda, N. Veselinović, T. Tollefsen and P. Bossew Radon in indoor air of primary schools: a systematic survey to evaluate factors affecting radon concentration levels and their variability 小学校の室内空気中ラドン:ラドン濃度レベルとその変動への影響因子を評価する系統的調査
Liu, D. Fung, J. Jiang and Y. Zhu Ultrafine particle emissions from essential-oil-based mosquito repellent products 精油ベース防蚊剤製品からの微粒子放散
April 2014 vol.24 Issue 2 Pages 113–224
Page Author English Title 日本語題名
Jessica L. Green Can bioinformed design promote healthy indoor ecosystems? バイオインフォームドデザインは健康な室内エコシステムを促進できるだろうか?
Original Articles
J. C. Linnes, S. N. Rudnick, G. M. Hunt, J. J. McDevitt and E. A. Nardell Eggcrate UV: a whole ceiling upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system for air disinfection in occupied rooms 矩形格子状UV: 居住室内における空気殺菌のための部屋上部天井に対する紫外線殺菌照射システム
O. Blanchard, F. Mercier, O. Ramalho, C. Mandin, B. Le Bot and P. Glorennec Measurements of semi-volatile organic compounds in settled dust: influence of storage temperature and duration 降下塵中の準揮発性有機化合物の測定: 保存温度と期間の影響
M. Callesen, G. Bekö, C. J. Weschler, T. Sigsgaard, T. K. Jensen, G. Clausen, J. Toftum, L. A. Norberg and A. Høst Associations between selected allergens, phthalates, nicotine, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and bedroom ventilation and clinically confirmed asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and atopic dermatitis in preschool children 厳選したアレルゲン、フタル酸エステル類、ニコチン、多環芳香族、寝室の換気と医師の診断を受けた就学前児童の喘息、鼻結膜炎、アトピー性皮膚炎の関係
J. H. Jacobs, E. J. M. Krop, A. Borras-Santos, J.-P. Zock, M. Taubel, A. Hyvarinnen, J. Pekkanen, G. Doekes, D. J. J. Heederik and on behalf of the HITEA schools study consortium Endotoxin levels in settled airborne dust in European schools: the HITEA school study 欧州の学校における降下塵中のエンドトキシン濃度: HITEA study
H. Choi, S. Byrne, L. S. Larsen, T. Sigsgaard, P. S. Thorne, L. Larsson, A. Sebastian and C.-G. Bornehag Residential culturable fungi, (1-3, 1-6)-β-d-glucan, and ergosterol concentrations in dust are not associated with asthma, rhinitis, or eczema diagnoses in children ダスト中のカビ、(1-3, 1-6)-β-d-グルカン、エルゴステロール濃度は子供の喘息、鼻炎、皮膚炎の診断と関連していない
X. Zhou, Q. Ouyang, Y. Zhu, C. Feng and X. Zhang Experimental study of the influence of anticipated control on human thermal sensation and thermal comfort ヒトの温熱感覚と熱的快適性において予測される制御の影響に関する実験的研究
T. Schripp, S. Etienne, C. Fauck, F. Fuhrmann, L. Märk and T. Salthammer Application of proton-transfer-reaction-mass-spectrometry for Indoor Air Quality research 陽子移動反応質量分析器の室内空気質研究への適用
Q. Zhang, J. Avalos and Y. Zhu Fine and ultrafine particle emissions from microwave popcorn 電子レンジ用ポップコーンからの微粒子及び超微粒子の放散
V. Acevedo-Bolton, W. R. Ott, K.-C. Cheng, R.-T. Jiang, N. E. Klepeis and L. M. Hildemann Controlled experiments measuring personal exposure to PM2.5 in close proximity to cigarette smoking 喫煙近接場におけるPM2.5への個人曝露の計測の制御実験
H. Salje, E. S. Gurley, N. Homaira, P. K. Ram, R. Haque, W. Petri, W. J. Moss, S. P. Luby, P. Breysse and E. Azziz-Baumgartner Impact of neighborhood biomass cooking patterns on episodic high indoor particulate matter concentrations in clean fuel homes in Dhaka, Bangladesh ダッカ(バングラデシュ)のクリーンな燃焼を使用している住宅における近隣のバイオマスによる調理パターンによる室内粒子状物質の高濃度に対する影響
Letters to the Editor
R. Rylander Response to Rylander Rylanderへの回答
H. Choi, P. S. Thorne, T. Sigsgaard and C.-G. Bornehag Fungi in homes – how do we measure? 室内のカビ – 我々はどのように測るべきなのか?
February 2014 vol.24 Issue 1 Pages 1–112
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Changes three
Original Articles
A. Araki, I. Saito, A. Kanazawa, K. Morimoto, K. Nakayama, E. Shibata, M. Tanaka, T. Takigawa, T. Yoshimura, H. Chikara, Y. Saijo and R. Kishi Phosphorus flame retardants in indoor dust and their relation to asthma and allergies of inhabitants 室内ダスト中のリン系難燃剤と居住者の喘息及びアレルギーとの関連
M. Frankel, E. W. Hansen and A. M. Madsen Effect of relative humidity on the aerosolization and total inflammatory potential of fungal particles from dust-inoculated gypsum boards ダストを接種した石膏ボードからのカビ粒子のエアロゾル化と炎症能に対する相対湿度の影響
C. Gaüzère, M. Moletta-Denat, H. Blanquart, S. Ferreira, S. Moularat, J.-J. Godon and E. Robine Stability of airborne microbes in the Louvre Museum over time ルーブル美術館における空気中の微生物の経時的安定性
J. F. Meadow, A. E. Altrichter, S. W. Kembel, J. Kline, G. Mhuireach, M. Moriyama, D. Northcutt, T. K. O'Connor, A. M. Womack, G. Z. Brown, J. L . Green and B. J. M. Bohannan Indoor airborne bacterial communities are influenced by ventilation, occupancy, and outdoor air source 室内気中バクテリア群集は換気、居住、屋外発生源の影響を受ける
A. C. Rai, B. Guo, C.-H. Lin, J. Zhang, J. Pei and Q. Chen Ozone reaction with clothing and its initiated VOC emissions in an environmental chamber 環境チャンバーにおける衣服のオゾン反応と初期生成VOC放散
P. J. Dacunto, K.-C. Cheng, V. Acevedo-Bolton, R.-T. Jiang, N. E. Klepeis, J. L. Repace, W. R. Ott and L. M. Hildemann Identifying and quantifying secondhand smoke in source and receptor rooms: logistic regression and chemical mass balance approaches 喫煙者と非喫煙者が存在する部屋における副流煙の定性・定量: ロジスティック回帰及びケミカルマスバランスを用いた手法
T. Kalema and M. Viot Methods to reduce the CO2 concentration of educational buildings utilizing internal ventilation by transferred air 空気輸送による内部換気を用いた教育ビルにおけるCO2濃度の低減方法
C. Chen, C.-H. Lin, Z. Long and Q. Chen Predicting transient particle transport in enclosed environments with the combined computational fluid dynamics and Markov chain method 計算流体力学とマルコフ連鎖解析を用いた閉鎖環境における短期的な粒子輸送の予測
C. Heschl, K. Inthavong, W. Sanz and J. Tu Nonlinear eddy viscosity modeling and experimental study of jet spreading rates ジェット拡散速度の非線形渦粘性モデリングと実験的研究
J. L. Nguyen, J. Schwartz and D. W. Dockery The relationship between indoor and outdoor temperature, apparent temperature, relative humidity, and absolute humidity 室内外温度、見掛け温度、相対湿度、絶対湿度の関係